Search The Best Of Jim Cornette.mp3

Search The Best Of Jim Cornette

best of jim cornette vol 1.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette s talking sense.mp3PlayDownload
Best of Jim Cornette - Shoot Interviews.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette on the best city to pick up ring rats.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette shoots for over 10 hours.mp3PlayDownload
Best Promos - Jim Cornette & The Midnite Express.mp3PlayDownload
best of jim cornette vol 2.mp3PlayDownload
best of jim cornette vol 3.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette on the best workers for each decade.mp3PlayDownload
the best of jim cornette.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette on the best angles shows he s ever seen.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette s list of people he hates the most.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette on his favourite ever wrestling promos.mp3PlayDownload
Jim Cornette gives himself an aneurysm - SMW TV.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette on match quality vs matches that make money.mp3PlayDownload
bonus drive thru jim cornette on the best dropkicks.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette on the greatest jobbers in wrestling history.mp3PlayDownload
Wrestling's Most Awesome Managers - #2 Jim Cornette.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette shoots on batista.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette s classic vince russo rant.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette was 1983 the greatest ever year in wrestling.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette really really hates kevin dunn.mp3PlayDownload
Best Promos - Jim Cornette & The Midnite Express (match & int).mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette on the stiffest wrestlers in history.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette on the best referees.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette on todd pettengill former wwf announcer.mp3PlayDownload
Jim Cornette on Billy Robinson: The Greatest Ever In - Ring Performer? (With Barry Rose).mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette on how braun strowman should ve been booked on wwe raw.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette steve austin on their favourite ribs pranks and botches in wrestling history.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette on loving wwe nxt s the revival.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette on who really killed wcw off for good.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette on possibly retiring from managing for good.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette on the atomic drop.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette on who was jerry lawler s greatest opponent.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette gives his opinion on raw.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette on scott steiner and rick steiner.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette shoots with jim ross.mp3PlayDownload
Jim Cornette - HARSH Words for Triple H + Blows a goddamn gasket on Russo.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette buries the universe.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette on triple h s wwe playbook quote.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette on barry windham s greatest matches.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette reviews the worst ever wrestling storyline pitched to him.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette on overrated underrated managers.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette reveals the worst wrestling gimmicks by wwe s creative services.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette shoots on earl hebner.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette on heel vs heel matches.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette on wrestlers breaking character during hilarious promos.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette on booking tweeners neither babyface nor heel wrestlers.mp3PlayDownload
tna jim cornette changes the face of tna wrestling.mp3PlayDownload
jim cornette reveals his favorite tag teams.mp3PlayDownload

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